In Spain, for several hundred years, chocolate was exclusively considered a refreshing drink. It has been said:

A cup of chocolate, was to the Spanish, what tea is to the English

In 2004, UK based The Spanish Chocolate Company Ltd developed a thick, delicious, hot chocolate drink to mirror the original true Spanish flavour and character, adjusting it with cinnamon and other flavourings. creating a truly luxurious smooth drinking chocolate for you to enjoy everyday.

The objective was to create a niche high quality luxury product to be different from the regular thin sweet products available on the mass market. After years of steady growth, we are still making our original thick hot chocolate, true to the original ideals.

The chocolate powder is produced by our partners in Spain to our own high quality special formula and shipped in bulk to the UK where we package it and distribute it worldwide through major wholesale and retail outlets.

The Spanish Chocolate Company Ltd is still family owned and operated.

Shipped straight to your address, very soon, you too will be tasting this wonderful unique hot chocolate.